What is in my mailbox today? I'll show you the lovely swap packages, letters and postcards I receive from all over the world, as well as the packages that I send out (after they have been received by their owners of course!)


February 19th, 2008

Outgoing Mail:

My Day Photo Swap - Day 4 'My Insulin Pump' (Feb 19th, 2008)

This device gives me insulin at a constant rate 24/7. It is attached all the time except when I am in the shower, I need it to survive. Her name is Betty!

My Day Photo Swap - Day 4 'Consumables' (Feb 19th, 2008)

Every 3 days I need to change the site of my insulin pump. To do so, I have to gather all the things that you see in the picture above. This takes careful planning, because if I run out of any of these I can't change the site and I would be in trouble pretty quickly. I also need to make sure I take all of these items with me where ever I go in case I need to change the site in an emergency.

My Day Photo Swap - Day 4 'Pump Rubbish' (Feb 19th, 2008)

I get quite annoyed at how much rubbish I have to throw out every 3 days, I feel like I am contributing to the planet dying! But without all the packaging, the items wouldn't be sterile and I could get infections, which wouldn't be fun. The 2 blue items in the centre are sharps that must go in the yellow sharps container. Everything to the right of the container is rubbish and everything to the left is reusable.

The above 3 photos were emailed to Adolpha, Soulie, Hildetsj, Tsihui & MissRedLipstick for 'My Day Photo Swap' on swap-bot.

Outgoing Mail Feb 19th 2008

Snacks to Lunaria for 'Edible I wish for...' forum tag game on swap-bot.

Outgoing Mail Feb 19th 2008

Package to imyorehuckleberry for 'Fat Quarter Material Swap - Pink Fantasy #7' on swap-bot.

Incoming Mail:

Incoming Mail Feb 19th 2008

Incoming Mail Feb 19th 2008

Postcards from YarnTails, vmlay & TeraBACat for 'I must be crazy! Postcards #4' swap on swap-bot.

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